One has to have dreams, ambition, something to hope for...

With only one life to live, one of my ambitions was to circumnavigate the world. However, never having sailed before, I did not know what to expect.

In 2005, I had the opportunity to spend 3 days sailing in a racing yacht around the Whitsunday Islands near Australia. During those 3 days, I was totally seasick.

Although I have now given-up my plans for a solo-circumnavigation, I have not ceased my dreams, hopes, and ambitions for a better way of living.

Working on a Dream
by Ann Davidson

Note: Ann Davidson was the first woman to sail a solo voyage across the Atlantic.

The only way to live is to have a dream green and growing in your life - anything else is just existing and a waste of breath. My dreams don't run on mink-coat-and-diamond lines - not that I have anything against mink coats and diamonds, but they aren't much use on an island, or in an airplane, or in a boat, and those are the sort of lines my dreams run along. Rugged stuff. Adventure, some people call it, or romance, or when they are really frustrated, escapism. If anyone asked me and I was ungaurded enough to reply, I would call it the pusuit of beauty, or truth, and if I was honest I would admit it was largely curiosity, the urge to find out the why, the what, and the how at first hand, without simply taking someone else's word for it.

Most of my dreams have come true at one time or another, so adventure and I are old buddies. We have had some rare capers together, good, bad, exciting, interesting, and, on occasion, terrible, but never at any time have they been dull. I know by now that the glitter of romance as seen from afar often turns out to be pretty shoddy at close quarters, and what appears to be a romantic life is invariably an uncomfortable one; but I know, too, that the values in such living are usually sound. They have to be, or you don't survive. And occasionally you are rewarded by an insight into living so splendid, so wholly magnificent, you can be satisfied with nothing less ever after, so that you go on hoping and searching fo another glimpse for the rest of your life.

An excerpt from: Before the Wind

by Robin Lee Graham

Note: Begining his voyage at age 16, in a 24 foot sailboat, Robin Lee Graham was the youngest sailor to circumnavigate the world.

One "sea thought" I might share here is that life has to have tension - the tension of making another port or finding a piece of gear to mend or how to face a squall. I mean, the guy who is really sick is the guy who has no goal, no ambition, nothing to go for. Having no goal would be like sailing in the doldrums forever.

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