Silver Ruiz with his grandson, Chris


Thank you for bringing to my attention the essay written by Valenzuela Veritas; I found it very disturbing but knowledgable in the fact that some one else is seeing how destructive and harmful NCLB is!

I saw this in my Advanced Reading Classes this year in grades 6-8th! I mean these students passed their SBA test in Reading and were place in Advanced Reading Classes and yet their classwork projected they lacked the tools to really comprehend what they were reading. I mean the questions in the book were not that difficult and I couldn't believe they were having trouble answering them!! It just blew my mind; I used to think 'how can this be happeing to advanced readers.?'

We teach to test without the substance in between that shows them how the answer is what it is! As simple as that. Education has become down played so much that we lost sight of what is actually involved in a "real education". Test scores have replaced the anaylitical thinking that is needed in education. We are programing kids to obtain a certain score and thats it, nothing else matters, just get that score. Statistically when progress is made it looks great; but all we have accomplished to do is pass functional illiterates!!

You know who will pay for this in the business world of America. They will have to have remedial classes in their corporations just so they can have bodies to work for them. It's happening in colleges, remedial classes for upcoming freshman, and it will expand into the business world. In time, 3rd world countries will pass America in every aspect of life. Because they are striving to improve themselves through education; they know the value of an education because it's their only way out of poverty. The reason it isn't important in America is because of the welfare system. My native people can see this, and so they figure even if I fail in school and don't get a job the government will provide for me. How Sad!!

You and I as educators can see the real damage of NCLB and it's too bad that our administrators don't back us up on this fallacy. They are nothing but State Whores screaming for more Federal Dollars so they can pimp off a worthless piece of paper called NCLB! Plato and Socrates must really think America is the butt-hole of education teaching our children with this legislation!

Bush will go down in history as the worse president this country has ever had. I mean Nixon was foolish for what he did, but Bush is an idiot and he stole his way into the White House and our Congress does nothing about it. How sad our country is because of this. No wonder other countries don't respect us; the only time they respect us is when we offer them billions of dollars or free trade sanctions!

Silver Ruiz
Middle School Teacher in Alaska