Wyoming PAWS

Here is a letter I wrote to other Wyoming Educators in the Spring of 2007:

Friends, Here is something to think about:

Wyoming has a population of 515,000 (US census est. 2006). Of that, approx. 19.2 % are school-aged, or around 98,881.

Broken down, thatís an average of about 7,606 students per grade (K-12).

There are 7 grades that take the PAWS. Thatís 53,243 students in Wyoming that will be testing this Spring.

The contract with Harcourt for the State of Wyoming is $13.9 million.

THATíS $261.08 PER STUDENT! Not to mention lost instructional time!

By contrast, I can deliver a standardized test by Scantron Corporation on Mathematics for around $6.00 per student that will accurately assess the students grade level and abilities.

Michael Edison
Mathematics Coach, Pinedale Middle School