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Freedom and Ignorance

Hidden History
Researched and Compiled by Michael Edison

Ancient Aircraft
Trinkets found in Inca Tombs resemble modern aircraft.

U.S. Education
No Child Left Behind: NCLB and the Small School
See also: Bush School Prejudice,
Standardized Testing, High-Stakes Testing, No Dentist Left Behind (an anology), NCLB - Poisonous Obsessive Testing, Bush Profiteers Collect Billions From No Child Left Behind, PAWS - For Profit.
Essay by Valenzuela Veritas: The Dumbing Down of America
A Friends Response to Veritas: Silver Ruiz, Teacher
International: Peru Teachers Protest Competency Testing
Blame the Student: Recent article reprinted from USA Today
America's Perfect Storm: Three Forces Changing Our Nation's Future
Public School Violence: See Alaskan Native Violence Against Public School Teachers and Their Families.

US Foreign Policy
Eywitness Accounts of the Occupations: Iraq Veterans Against the War
A Message of Peace And Friendship From Iran: Click Here

Pneumonia: Sixth Leading Cause of Death: click here.