Hidden History

Researched and compiled by Michael Edison

Democracy or Republic?
The Mexican War and Manifest Destiny
US Civil War
The Great Emancipator or Mass Murderer?
Native American Genocide
The First Federal Income Tax
Native American Citizenship (1924)
The Effects of Nuclear Fallout on Southern Utah
Political Prisoners Held in America
USA - Panama Foreign Policy
Modern Slavery on US Soil (1997)
War in Iraq (2003)
Other Interesting Notes and Links

* Citizenry: A Poem and Reflection


It seems that when one digs deeper into history, finding source documents and writings of the time, one may find a deeper underlying truth and understanding.

In the past seventy years, the corruption of the educational system in the United States has allowed federal encroachment which has resulted in curriculum that serves a social, rather than an instructional agenda.

Textbooks, to obtain their acceptance, have had to comply with federal 'guidelines', which results in a distortion of our history and heritage, with the purpose of establishing social change. To achieve this end, it has been necessary to re-write history and/or omit aspects of history that would be in conflict with the goals of those who believe that it is in our best interest to submit to their dictates.

Much of what we know of modern history has been written from this biased perspective. It has been stated, "To the victor goes the spoils...". Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that much of our history may have been "tainted", or may be a result of the mass propaganda of the time.

Hidden History is a series of articles which will address many of those lost facts. Each article is based upon thorough research, and is irrefutable as to its truthfulness. After all, it is the textbooks they control, not the real historical record of those events.

I would challenge the reader to seek for the truth, and draw his own conclusions.

Democracy or Republic?

The founding fathers had considerable debate in the Constitutional Convention whether to establish a Democracy or Representative Republic. It was decided to form a Republic so that the rights of the minority would not be suppressed by the vote of a majority. The Constitution would also place limits on the central government and provide a system of checks and balances to guard against tyranny and mobocracy. Individual rights were included in the first 10 amendments.

Contrary to the widespread belief among Americans that the U.S. is a constitutional DEMOCRACY, the words "democracy" and "democratic" are nowhere used in the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution of the United States does not establish a democracy; it establishes a republic, with the supreme law of the land written in its Constitution.

Consider this: Our Pledge of Allegiance, "to the flag of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands... One Nation, under God..."

Originally, our nations schools taught that the United States is a Republic. The creation of the current state of confusion began around 1905 by the Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS) of New York. Its leaders explained that the ISS was set up to "throw light on the world-wide movement of industrial DEMOCRACY known as socialism." President Woodrow Wilson contributed to the confusion during WWI when he stated to "make the world safe for democracy". Wilson had surrounded himself with many recruits to the ISS movement. By 1921, violence associated with the USSR had given the term "socialism" a repugnant meaning to most people. The ISS then changed its name to "The League for Industrial Democracy". After WWII, a semantic transition began to take place about "democracy" in the American mind.

Republics and Democracies
Also read: The 5,000 Year Leap, Part II, 12th Principal (Advantages of a Republic)

The Mexican War and Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny came into vogue to describe what was regarded as a God-given right to expand U.S. territory.

The US Government had offered to purchase California and New Mexico from Mexico and to settle the Texas boundary. This proposition was clearly refused by the then established Mexican government.

That which could not be bought, was taken by force. US President James Polk ordered Zachary Taylor to move his army to the mouth of the Rio Grande and to prepare to defend Texas from invasion. Taylor did so, arriving at the Rio Grande on Mar. 28, 1846. Abolitionists in the United States, who had opposed the annexation of Texas as a slave state, claimed that the move to the Rio Grande was a hostile and aggressive act by Polk to provoke a war with Mexico to add new slave territory to the United States.

Fighting ended when U.S. Gen. Winfield Scott occupied Mexico City and severed Mexican Army supply lines on Sept. 14, 1847; a few months later a peace treaty was signed (Feb. 2, 1848) at Guadalupe Hidalgo. In addition to recognizing the U.S. annexation of Texas, defeated Mexico ceded California and New Mexico (including all the present-day states of the Southwest) to the United States.

See The Mexican War

US Civil War

To the victor goes the spoils...
The history we have been taught in our schools about the Civil War has been mostly from the Northern Perspective.
Pre-war analysis:
Economy based on manufacturing.

The North used the economic resources (revenues, trade tariffs) of the South to finance railroads and other grand civil service projects in the North. Very little of the revenues filtered back to the South.

Economy based on agriculture.

Strong economy - Cotten was king.

Merchant ships from the North continued in the slave trade. Virginia outlawed the importation of Slaves.
Large urban population. Mostly rural population.
Supported a strong central grovernment, ie: "Preserve the Union". South wanted State's Rights, the right for self-determination.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis felt that slavery in the South would have a natural end. Today, we have seen this to be true for many parts of the world, including Latin America.

See Jefferson Davis' Inaugural Address:

The Great Emancipator or Mass Murderer?

Lincoln approved one of the largest mass executions in military history. In August 1862, 38 members of the Sioux Nation in Minnesota were hanged by the Executive Order of the President. Why?

Lincolnís War Between the States ended up costing 620,000 battlefield deaths along with the death of some 50,000 Southern civilians, including thousands of slaves who perished in the federal armyís bombardment of Southern cities and because of its devastation of the Southern economy. By 1865 the Lincoln government had killed one out of every four Southern white males between the ages of 20 and 40.

Question: "Was preserving the Union worth the cost?"

See Lincoln's Culture of Death:
Also read:
The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War

Native American Genocide

The Removal Act of 1830 set into motion a series of events which led to the "Trail of Tears" in 1838, a forced march of the Cherokees, resulting in the destruction of most of the Cherokee population." The concentration of American Indians in small geographic areas, and the scattering of them from their homelands, caused increased death, primarily because of associated military actions, disease, starvation, extremely harsh conditions during the moves, and the resulting destruction of ways of life.

Buffalo Bill was hired by the US Government to kill the buffalo and exterminate the Plains Indians food supply and way of life.
-For the Indians who lived on the Plains, life depended on the buffalo. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, there were an estimated forty million buffalo, but between 1830 and 1888 there was a rapid, systematic extermination culminating in the sudden slaughter of the only two remaining Plain herds. By around 1895, the formerly vast buffalo populations were practically extinct. The end result was widescale starvation and the social and cultural disintegration of many Plains tribes.

Please note that the above two acts were sanctioned by the US Government. Also it is interesting to realize that Buffalo Bill is taught as a great American hero in many schools.

See Native American Genocide Still Haunts United States

The First Federal Income Tax

The Federal Reserve Banking System and Income Tax was created in 1913.
- Prior to that date, the government rellied on money from trade tariffs. The tariffs were also used as a means of protecting US workers from foreign competition, thereby creating a level playing field for the American workers. Up to that time, Americans were not expected to compete in a "global economy".

See U.S. Constitution: Sixteenth Amendment

The Law That Never Was by Bill Benson
Video: America Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo

Native American Citizenship (1924)

The U.S. Congress extended American citizenship on June 2, 1924 to all Indians born in the territorial limits of the United States.

In 1948, the Arizona supreme court declared unconstitutional disenfranchising interpretations of the state constitution and Indians were permitted to vote as in most other states. A 1953 Utah state law stated that persons living on Indian reservations were not residents of the state and could not vote. That law was subsequently repealed. In 1954, Indians in Maine who were not then federally recognized were given the right to vote, and in 1962, New Mexico extended the right to vote to Indians.

See Today in History: June 2

The Effects of Nuclear Fallout on Southern Utah

Begining in 1951, the US Government began a series of above-ground nuclear testing in Nevada. The prevailing winds would blow over into Southern Utah.

Southern Utah had a very small population, and there are indications that the people were unaware that the US Government was monitoring them for the effects of nuclear fallout radiation. I discovered a government document in the late 1980's affirming this fact.

Soon, abnormal rates of cancer and other diseases developed among the population. In some cases, such as on Cedar Mountain, entire herds of sheep were found dead in grass that was thigh high. The government claimed that the sheep starved to death. The sheepherders and ranchers knew better. These events were immediately attributed to the effects of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site.

The above-ground atmospheric testing ended in 1962.

Sometime in the late 80's (I believe), it was discovered that canned fruit in So. Utah from the open-air test period had produced an accurate record of the testing...and radiation.

There were lawsuits filed against the US Government, which, in the mid-1990's it was ruled, "that you can not sue the Federal Government". I remember hearing this on the local radio.

Question: Is the Federal Government "above the law?"

I was raised in Southern Utah and was familiar with some of the families that were affected by the nuclear fallout.

For more information:
Nuclear Radiation and its Biological Effects: Linear Energy Transfer
Atomic Scientist Edward Martell's Letter to Energy Secretary ...

Political Prisoners Held in America

Amnesty International and other world organizations have recognized that there are many prisoners of conscience currently held in the USA.

Some examples of political prisoners are as follows:

"The stupendous amounts of money being spent by the military industrial complex (MIC) are beyond any sane person's fantasy/nightmare. At the same time, the masters of unreason are continuing the growth of the prison industrial complex (PIC). The Federal Bureau of Prisons now holds the world record for more prisoners than any other prison system. The 'just-us system' seems to have no need to recognize any of the so-called constitutional rights of the accused, much less their human rights under international law. They can hold who they want for as long as they want without attorneys or even naming the suspects or what they are suspected of doing."
- U.S. Prison Activist Resource Center

Update (2009): Suspension of Habeas Corpus, Secret Prisons and detentions are becoming more apparent. Some people claim that others have, "disappeared".

See Political Prisoners and POW's in the U.S.

USA - Panama Foreign Policy

Below is an excerpt of an article I came across while surfing the internet. I found it of great interest, and so here it is reprinted:

Since those weeks in which you bombed us with Stealth bombers, killing hundreds of innocent women and children, in order to perform a drug bust on one of your wayward CIA cronies it's been peaceful here. You performed the only violence at that level which has ever occurred here, you never said you were sorry and you did it to bust one of your own guys for drugs... It was called Just Cause by your presidents father, a former head of the CIA. You say what you want, I'll say what I want.... Your government has come apart at the seams and you have your head in the sand. Com'on down, I'll buy you a beer and show you the graves.

The government of the United States of America, if it does anything well, does a superb job in its advertising department. (What Goebbels called propaganda, what Orwell called double-speak.) If they have a violent intention which is unjust and which violates dozens of U.N. as well as Organization of America States Charters, then what do they do but call it 'Operation Just Cause.' Just cause was exactly what it was not. My pointing this out is just plucking the goose, none of this is something new, nor something that has gone unnoticed by the entire world. The fact that it too often goes unnoticed by a large percentage of Americans is an abomination.

The increasing loss of freedom in America has recently escalated through the roof. Yet, this loss of freedom is being described as an increase in the protection of freedom, thereby, an expansion of freedom. If you believe that a loss of freedom means an increase in freedom, then you also believe that ignorance is strength and that the use of Stealth bombers on a nation with no radar nor air force is a 'just cause.' - Roger Gallo

See American Invasion of Panama
1992 Academy Award for Best Documentary:
The Panama Deception

Modern Slavery on US Soil (1997)

There exists in the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands abuses such as forced prostitution, indentured servitude, work without pay, sweat shops, containment of workers, etc. I have personally witnessed these acts of human indignation.

Senator Frank Murkowski (AK) has stated, "Marianas is the United States. It is not a foreign country. The failure of the Administration to enforce federal laws has led to a climate conducive to worker abuse and to some sense within the Marianas that the federal laws will not be applied."

See Modern Slavery on US Soil (1997)

War in Iraq (2003)

When the USA struck Iraq with all its military might; try to remember that over one-half of Iraq's population was under the age of 15.

Trying to obtain a balance of information about the war, I made many attempts at surfing for direct sources via the Internet. This wasn't without some difficulty.

Never-the-less, I was able to find several Independent Media sources that may be of interest to you. The articles by The Independent's reporter in Baghdad, Robert Fisk, were particularly intriguing.

I was tired of witnessing the "sterility" of the war from the US sources. The truth is: That BOMBS KILL PEOPLE, period.

On the link below, I have included some photos I found on the 'net that represent the some of the results of the US bombing of Iraq. Be advised that these photos are of a very graphic nature.

Results of Bombing

The United States war on Iraq was illegal according to International Laws.

Prior to the war, it was deemed by many that:


Please read this letter by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark:
Mr. Clark has journeyed to Iraq many times over the last 12 years.

Other Interesting Notes and Links:

While living under apartheid in South Africa in the mid-1980's, I learned first-hand the effects of wide-spread mass propaganda. Since that time, I've questioned the perspective and the intentions of the media.

It was the Massacre at Ruby Ridge and the Waco Massacre which really awakened me as to what is presently occuring in America.

Other insights I've had comes from my experiences living and traveling abroad. I've stayed in Belize with a refugee family that came out of the killing fields of Guatemala. I was taught Spanish in Antigua, Gautemala by a Mayan. I also was able to view a once-censored docu-drama, La hija del la Puma,, on what had occured there. The blood ran thick in Guatemala; as entire villages of men, women, and children were lined up and shot.

Massacre at Ruby Ridge
Video: Ruby Ridge Documentary

The Waco Massacre

American-backed Genocide of the Guatemalan People
Also See CIA involved in Guatemala

The World Trade Center Demolition
Video: Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic

Citizenry: A poem and reflection

About the author: Michael Edison has taught US History, World History, Culture, and Language. He has lived and worked among the Yu'pik Eskimos, Athabaskan Indians, Chammoro and Carolinian Islanders, South Africans, and South American peoples. Michael considers himself a freeman, a champion of truth and freedom.

Michael's Home Page: http://www.michael-edison.com/

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