The country who controls the global resources controls the people of the world, whether by force or cooperation.

US Abrams tank in Afghanistan

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To be a good citizen,
please do not be a "critizen".
Please do not question bold,
that what the government told.

Pay your federal taxes;
and support the battle axes.
With complete cooperation;
show your lack of empathation.

How many bullets bought;
how many bombs dropped;
how many lives rot;
on your behalf...?

Battles fought and lives lost;
how much did it really cost?
Your support is appreciated,
as nothing here was ever mediated.

Make sure you select;
that which is politically "correct";
And do not question bold,
all that you've been told.

- Michael Edison

The poem, Citizenry, may be depressing; but I was trying to point out that while many people choose to remain ignorantly content, they are supporting the policies of their government indirectly. Also, I was trying to bring awareness to the effect of propaganda in our lives and our complacency.

The largest portion of your Federal tax dollars is spent in defense (offense).