Forestry Experience


Ben Thomas Logging, Icy Bay (2000)

Browning Timber, Icy Bay (1998), Windy Bay (1996), Two Moon Bay (1994)

Gildersleeve Logging, Grace Harbor (1998)

Evergreen Helicopters, Two Moon Bay (1996)

Alaska Timber Resources, Elizabeth Island (1996)

Silver Bay Logging, Appleton Cove (1995)


Ken Batten Heli-Logging, Price (1997)

TreePerfect, Cedar City (1992-1997)

The Lumberjack, Cedar City (1993)

Utah Valley Tree Service, Provo (1991)
Included High-Voltage Power Line Clearance

US Forest Service, Fillmore, Escalante, Beaver (1980-83; 1985-89)


Grayback Forestry, Grants Pass (1994)


Palm & Tree Services, Brisbane (2005)

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