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Mike has over 18 years experience in professional forestry.

Nine years were spent with the U.S. Forest Service where he was involved in timber administration and emergency fire-fighting. He supervised forestry stand examinations, sale cruising, thinning, disease and pest management, planting operations, and district fire crews. Mike is a certified hazardous tree faller and has experience with prescribed burning techniques.

The other nine years were spent in urban forestry and commercial timber falling which included utility line clearance in Salt Lake City, Utah, pro-logging in Southeastern Alaska and forestry practices in Australia. He established his own professional tree care and forestry consulting service, TreePerfect, in 1992.

Mike has especially enjoyed cutting old growth, such as Red and Yellow Cedar, Sitka Spruce, and Western Hemlock in Southeast Alaska. He has used springboards (cut from nearby saplings), tree jacks, and other specialized equipment for precision falling. He is an experienced High Climber and also enjoys the challenges of technical rigging.

Mike is passionate about trees. He promotes forest health by applying up-to-date scientific knowledge which includes planting and Plant Health Care in the treatment of both stands and individual trees. Natural Target Pruning is his preferred method used for tree surgery.

Mike is a graduate of Southern Utah University, the Arbor Day Institute, and a former member of the International Society of Arboriculture, Cedar City Shade Tree Commission, and Chamber of Commerce.

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