Human Parasites

General Information

Parasites are organisms that live in or on other organisms (the host). In this arrangement, the parasite benefits by obtaining shelter and nutrients from the host, while the host does not benefit and, in most cases, can even be harmed.

There are many different types of organisms that are parasites on humans. Parasites that live inside their hosts can affect various tissues and organs, such as the blood, gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, lymphatic system, and ultimately weaken the immune system. The host is generally weakened by large numbers of parasites as the body's immune system attempts to resist the intrusion.

Many illnesses and diseases are directly related to parasitical infestation, improper digestion of food and inadequate care of our bowels. Our bodies come with a complete system of checks and balances to determine which substances are useful and which are waste. However, our environment and lifestyles have compromised, and in most cases, damaged the quality of this system to do an adequate job of protecting us from illness and disease.

Fifty-seven of the top physicians and surgeons from the Royal Society of Medicine in Great Britain conducted research into many of the biggest health challenges. They discovered that 95% of all health challenges result from the build-up of toxins from the waste material in the colon. This waste material is called "fecal matter". It releases toxins into the blood stream and is the breeding ground for parasites that can spread throughout our bodies. The physicians concluded that "death indeed begins in the colon". Similar studies by other scientists have come to the same conclusion.

This knowledge is of profound importance. Many of us who believe that we are relatively healthy still have between seven and twenty-five pounds of toxic waste material in our colons according to Dr. Bernard Jensen. Putrefied encrusted toxic fecal matter with its associated toxic waste lines the walls of the small and large intestines and the colon of virtually every North American. Over time the built-up poisons spill over into the bloodstream and create auto-intoxication, and, ultimately, serious health problems!

Most parasites do not cause an immediate threat to someone's life, but all do weaken the body's immune system and no variety is healthy. But colon specialists will tell you that all cancer begins in the colon, and parasites in your colon are prime suspects. Also, most people have a variety of parasites, yet never suspect it.

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